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2020 – what the **** was that?

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Hi everyone

Wow its been a long long time since I’ve wrote a blog. So I have had along of time on my hands, as much of you can relate. So I thought to myself why don’t I put this new laptop to use and write a blog.

What actually made me laugh was I opened up my website to look at my old blogs and I came across the blog I wrote on ‘2020 vision all 2020’. I had the biggest hopes for this year, I was so excited for it…. and LOL. All you can do is laugh. I know I’m not the only one sat here thinking wtf was that 2020. I mean we have a few weeks to go but damn! It is almost Christmas and at this time of the year I’d be planning for NYE. At this point I’m preparing for a zoom quiz at most.

This year will definetly make the history book. It has been a tough tough year for us to get through, globally.

It has been a roller coaster for us all. lets recap…

The hong kong protests started it off. The terrible fires in Australia that killed over 500 million animals. The corona virus! followed by the UK leaving the EU. The lockdown. New cases of Ebola. The locust swarm. Scare of WW3 due to Trump. Floods. Police brutality. Earth quakes. Explosions in Lebanon. Rise of rape assaults. No summer Olympics. Plane crashes. The recession. The horror stories of the Elites involving child trafficking. More fires. The death of Kobe Bryant in the helicopter crash. The Muslim camps in China. The abortion laws. The collapsed economy. The rise of suicide rates. Riots. Earthquakes. Radiation leaks. Oil spills. And that was just a fraction of it.

If someone from the past was to peep into the future and see us all wearing masks and social distancing, they would probably believe they were dreaming! But it gets funnier.

The lockdown rules never made sense after the second lockdown. The people started to get bored of staying in doors. People didn’t even bulk buy toilet roll and pasta the second time round – that was super bizarre wasn’t it. Boris confused us all – we were allowed out but not after 10PM. Then we were allowed to the pub but only if we ordered food. You had to wear a mask on the plane, but we’re allowed to remove it to eat. The rules were just boggling. Some people listened, some people did as they pleased. We had the people that were traumatised by the news, we had the people listening to avoid fines and then we had the conspiracist theorists.

Whilst most people had high hopes for the year, it came around and put us all in our places. People were left jobless, peoples business were shut down, the economy had crashed and people lost loved ones. It has been horrible to say the least. People had to give birth alone. People also had to die alone.

I do hope you all got through this year OK. I hope you didn’t struggle to much and I hope you are able to pull through into next year. I know I’m not the only one that wants to put the virus behind us and live normal lives again.

I am not going to say 2021 is my year. I HOPE it is. But we have to look at the current climate and sort of adapt to this new lifestyle that we have. Will you take the vaccine? That’s a whole other discussion that I think needs to be saved for another time. I hope whether you chose to, or not to, I hope you re safe moving forwards.

We have learned to appreciate to slow down, stay home, cherish our family and wash our hands. Life still does go on. I can imagine that it affects some more than others. The year is almost out, and we can only hope things get better ASAP. I wish you all a lovely Christmas ❤

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