Love over material things

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As always I am FOREVER grateful for the experiences I have. This post is not to brag but it’s just to remind people of what’s important.

I am currently in Miami, it’s been a very short but still eventful and amazing trip. Two days ago my friends and I went to test drive an absolutely stunning yacht. Pure luxury, over $6 million dollars and brand spanking new. Alan and his wife who are very successful have decided to get a new yacht and made a lovely day of it, and invited some of their friends to come and experience the yacht. Ive seen a few lovely boats and I must say, this one was gorgeous. The master bedroom and walk in double shower was nicer than many hotel rooms!

So on this day out I kept getting asked the same question over and over. Why do I still live in London? Why don’t I move to Miami like Ebony has? Why don’t I stay permanently? What is keeping me from living the Miami dream?

I kept saying the same thing, it’s my friends and family that keep me there. Not getting it, they said moving to Miami was the best decision ever and they are extremely happy with living in Miami. I get this totally! I mean Miami is just WOW. Great weather all year round, American people are super friendly, people are healthy and look good, it’s on the water, views are incredible and everything is luxurious. It’s like being on vacation except it’s your home. – Then we have London… cold, rainy, no one talks to each other, super expensive and fast paced.

I’m lucky enough to have been so many places and experienced so many moments that I will cherish forever. Private jets, yachts, mansion parties, fine wine and champagne etc. But what good is any of this if you don’t get to experience it with the people you love most? I’m a strong believer of it’s not where you go, it’s who you’re with. I can totally understand why some of the most richest people in the world are the most miserable! I could move to Miami and live my best life but I know for a fact I wouldn’t be happy. Infact, I would probably love it for the first month, but this will definitely be short lived and I would want to return to grey old England. I can’t help but always wish certain people were with me to experience certain things.

If I could bring everyone with me, than YES I’d move here in a heart beat. But honestly, I find that behind all the supercars and the money, it’s a horrible place to ever bring your kids up in or even have a relationship in. Money talks in Miami, which is fine but I don’t get the homely feeling here. I love it as a holiday, but not a home

I’m sure if I didn’t have such a tight knit family and friends back home I would see it differently. I have to remember that everyone is different, but this is my opinion. I’ve noticed that so many people here are lost souls and addicted to pills like anti depressants and trust is just a word. It’s a shame because it’s such an amazing place! But for me, it’s only amazing in small doses.

So I would say, sometimes the simple life is better. Keep your family close and cherish your soul mate. Most things in life are a trade off … and with the good comes the bad. live with no regrets and make the best decision for yourself as you’re in control of your destiny. I’m back to Brixton tomorrow, with 5 degrees weather and probably high chances of rain lol but I’m looking forwards to seeing all my favourite people. Stay grounded. Find a balance. Do what makes you happy. Be kind ❤️

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