I’m bored sh*tless on this flight from London to Miami. Only now realising that Economy Norwegian airways make you pay for everything! Food, water, snacks, alcohol, blanket, earphones. 😖 but they do offer free WiFi… so I’m making use of the freebie and trying to pass time/entertain myself. If it’s the one thing that’s free, best know I’m using it.

Here are some things I’m kicking myself for right now. And some things I’m thankful for

1) DO buy water in the airport before boarding (after passing security) you should stay hydrated, especially when flying. This will help your skin, your fatigue, your swelling and also your throat. The air on the aircraft it recycled and so drying! Germs circulate, your throat will get dry and your skin will need water to stay moisturised. Most airlines will provide you with free water (this one doesn’t) but having a water bottle at hand will save you from having to call the cabin crew every 20 mins and you are more likely to drink it if it’s there in front of you.

2) DONT wear a body suit. My bum bum is already aching and it’s only 2 hours in. Wear lose comfy clothes. The crutch of the bodysuit will get uncomfortable and give you a wedgie lol.

3) DO wear layers so you can remove and add clothing to adjust to your body heat. Planes get cold! Not having a blanket can make your flight unpleasant. Wear socks and remove your shoes, this will keep your toes warm but still allow your feet to breath. (This current plane is charging $7 for a blanket but I got a wine instead lol)

4) DO plan ahead and pack your flight necessities in a small bag that you can keep on you. Things I like to keep at reach are: earphones, lip balm, face moisturiser, gum, charger, a pen, a book/entertainment, water, socks and of course your wallet and passport.

5) DONT wear make up for long flights especially foundation. You will look crusty and it will dry out your skin majorly. If you insist on wearing makeup to the airport you should remove it on the plane with a face wipe and put some moisturiser on. Even do a Maya Jama and treat your skin to a sheet face mask. Sit back and relax.

6) DO have the address of where you are staying stored on your phone so you can easily fill out the immigration forms. Have a pen packed, it will make the process as smooth as possible. Have all VISAs prepared before hand.

7) DO enjoy yourself. Flying can be daunting and even boring if flying alone like I am now. Some flights charge you for headsets, so bring your own (not Apple headphones) and stream the movies. Have a strong drink to help you to sleep. Download your fav movies/shoes on your tablets, phones or laptops before hand. Carry a book. Bring a cross word. Talk to the person next to you, you never know who you will meet.

8) DO get up and stretch your legs. If you’re like me and have fat oomper loomper ankles after flying (or even majority of the time) you will do yourself no favours if you stay in one position and not get the blood flowing. I’ve had to squeeeeeze my feet back into my shoe after landing and trust me it’s hard. Get up and walk down the isle every so often and point your toes up and down whilst seated.

9) DONT leave anything on the plane. Look after your belongings and leave nothing behind. I’ve made the mistake of buying amazing goods in duty free and leaving them on the plane. I think you can get the stuff back if your lucky, but it’s a lot of hassle. And let’s be honest, not everyone is as nice as they like to believe they are. Finding a fresh in the box pair of Dior sunglasses, it’s easy for someone to do the ‘finders keepers’ thing! Be safe, be vigilant and enjoy your flight xx

Night from me

What plane I wish I was on

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