First up I want to begin by wishing you all a happy new year! I truly hope that this year brings you happiness and prosperity. I wish you all good health and wealth. New Years is about fresh starts and new beginnings and it’s always an exciting time to think about the year ahead and focus on your goals. My God 2019 flew by! It was a great year for me but I am aware that many of my goals I had last year I’m taking with my into this new year.

A quick reminisce of 2019…

The main thing that pops to mind when I think of 2019 is the launch of my Waist training line Tamiest Waist. A lot of hard work and planning went into this and I am proud of where it stands now. Waist training is something I am passionate about and I’ve been wearing waist trainers for the last few years. After searching high and low for a waist trainer that works and feels comfortable I decided to sell my own. I travelled to Colombia and finally found the perfect product. From product sourcing, reaching out to manufacturers, the photoshoot, branding and building my website, I done it all. I made costly mistakes along the way, but I had a vision and I made it come to life. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a long long way to go, but growth starts off slow and it needs constant love and dedication. I started it on a small budget (I borrowed from my dad) and I’ve broke even and now it’s time to expand! Let’s go 2020

In 2019 I got to travel a lot which is always a blessing for me. In a nutshell, I started the year in Barcelona and celebrated like crazy at Elrow. What a start to the year! I went to Miami late January to visit my friend and God Daughter and had the most incredible birthday in the Bahamas in February. I met some life long friends during this trip. I went to a sensational wedding in Poland and got to experience Krakow and enjoyed skiing with my best friends – I can still taste the polish vodka on my lips. I went to Thailand with my family and discovered even more beautiful islands there. The rays on tour, they never disappoint (I look forwards to this yearly holiday so much, we even took my other brother this time). I went back to Barcelona as a belated birthday gift from one of my dear friends, thank you Holly. I went back to Miami in May for my God Daughters first birthday party, and then took a trip to New Orleans for Ebony’s birthday on a private jet (Faancy darling) I then had a three-week family vacation in Portugal in August which is always great family bonding time. My sister was pregnant, and my other sister who was absent the year before came with my darling nephew. My best friend and God Son came with their family too so it was extra cuteness. *swipes back to Instagram story highlights to remind myself where else I went lol*

In July my boyfriend and I took a romantic trip to Italy. We went to Verona and Venice, it was lovely. I didn’t want to leave…Italian summer of dreams. Then, to my surprise I was invited to take a FAM trip to Thailand, KOH Samui. (Oops I forgot to say I started my own travel business and I am an independent travel agent! FAM trips are for travel agents which are usually very discounted or free. I will write more on this in another blog) I got to stay at Le Meridian hotel for free and had such a great experience! I blogged the experience, so look out for the next blog post. I’m so grateful it was surreal.

In between travelling that year, so many other special and exciting things occurred. I got to witness the birth of my first niece and got to cut her cord. We now have an unbreakable bond and I love her and my nephew to bits! It’s indescribable.

I created epic memories with my friends such as our “come dine with me” nights, our boozy brunches, birthday celebrations, Christmas Eve traditions and more. I got a new car and somewhere between Italy and now… I got fat LOL (Diet starts as soon as my horrid flu passes).

I tried to keep that as brief as possible, and since I haven’t wrote any blogs in a while, I will be writing about my travels etc. in more detail so look at for that. (To anyone that even reads my blogs… Thank you lol).

So since it’s New Year, I want to share some of my goals with you guys. It’s a nice way to write them down and really manifest and attract all the things I want into my life. Trust me, it works. Over Christmas (besides eating too much) I made a vision board. My boyfriend’s mum is very motivating and actually very inspiring in many ways. She held a vision board party where we went through magazines and selected words and images and stuck them onto a A3 piece of paper. It was a nice way to get me thinking about the New Year and what I want to manifest and accomplish. She told me to be very precise in what I put on it and to be creative. I love arts and crafts so naturally I enjoyed this. I also wrote some words of my own on there, and have added to it since. If you haven’t done this before I recommend trying, it’s more affective than saying you want to give up chocolate as your NY resolution.

Some people prefer to write their goals down on paper, some like to see them visually either electronically or on a board. Whatever way you like to do it is up to you, but it’s definitely worth doing. Think of your goals and where you like like to be. Write it down. Write down how you are going to get there or how you will meet these gaols. Imagine yourself there. Feel yourself there and repeat. It will become real. Remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

One thing I want to improve in 2020 is my fitness. I know I’m not the only one that has over indulged over Christmas and wants to start the gym. I want to eat healthier, think healthier and look healthier. I’m going to try and work out and use the gym as much as possible and have a balanced diet. Nothing exciting so moving on…

Something else I would really like to work on is my confidence. By this I mean having more confidence in front of a camera. I cringe so hard when I hear myself speak on camera and just can’t act natural. I would like to be able to film videos and review products or share tips with you guys, but it’s always been impossible because I am my biggest critic and I feel shy to upload this kind of content. Believe it or not, I am even awkward in taking photos and have to take 1000 for me to like one of them, so filming a whole video without me hating the entire thing will be difficult but it’s something I am going to work on. With my Tamiest waist business, it would be much easier to have videos explaining the way waist training works, because I know not everybody likes to read. I also plan to branch out with Tamiest so video content will be crucial.

Another thing I would like to improve is my beauty and makeup knowledge. I find that my makeup routine has been the same for years and I wear makeup almost everyday so why not step it up a notch. I would like to eventually share my tips and makeup hacks that’s I learn with all my ladies. Knowledge it supposed to be passed on! And I’m a natural at educating. Watch out for these make up routines and please share any tips you know to get me started. I will probably start by showing my routine as it is now and then go from there lol I will ignore any possible negative comments and do what makes me feel happy 🙂

In these roaring 20’s I want to read more books. I will drink more water, exercise and stretch daily and I will do my daily training on the ‘elevate’ app (it’s really good brain exercises, download it on the App Store). I want to travel to more places. In particular I want to visit the Maldives, Cuba, Brazil and Tokyo. I want to touch hearts and spread happiness and positivity. I want to help people to feel confident in their bodies.

CONFIDENCE AND CURVES. I am going to push Tamiest Waist and treat it as my baby. My aim is to grow and sell more products – products that I use myself and think you guys will love. I want to help others get fit as I get fit and evolve into a brand that people trust. I currently run Tamiest by myself, but this year I will educate myself on the Business world and really push myself for success. So wish me luck.

I want to get on top of my blog writing and follow through with what I say. No more making excuses or procrastinating, because that gets us nowhere at the end of the day. I will fold my clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer and I will tick off my to do list promptly.

I have decided that in 2020 I would like to have a smile makeover. I’m still unsure on what procedure I would like to do yet as I would like to talk to a professional and get some advice. I have good, healthy teeth but I would like them to be straighter. I’ve been told that I should try Invisalign, but I don’t know if I have the patience. I personally like the look of veneers – white, Hollywood perfect teeth, but I don’t know if I’m brave enough to have my tooth filled down as there’s no going back. Plus, the upkeep of them could be inconvenient…but I’m still yet to decide. Maybe inside braces? We shall see…

So, I became an independent travel agent in 2019, mostly because I wanted cheaper travel for myself and the travel perks that came along with it was exciting. I get to earn commission on my own travel and also get great deals for being in the travel business. The opportunity for me to earn money as an independent travel agent is huge! And I honestly haven’t pushed this as much as I should. I have booked travel for people mostly through word of mouth and I am certain if I advertised this more my commissions would have tripled – everyone travels. If anyone is interested in becoming a travel agent do let me know. You may want to get cheaper travel for yourself, earn extra cash on the side, or even turn it into your full time job. The possibilities are endless and it’s a booming business with no targets to meet etc, you are your own boss. In 2020 I will be pushing my travel business and if you would like any information, write me a comment below.

Finally I would like to earn more money and save more £££. I am a strong believer of spending money on experiences and living each day as the last. That I will live by, but the amount of money I spend on unnecessary things is ridiculous. Uber’s (especially cancellation fees), parking tickets, junk food, broken phone screens, the list goes on. 2020 is about being smart with money and still enjoying myself and making new memories.

There’s a few more personal goals that I want to smash, but ultimately that’s it… I know I will be adding to them as the year progresses and I hope you guys do too! May this year be the best year for you in terms of growth and I hope what ever mistakes we all made last year, are now lessons and reasons for us to push harder this year! We grow through what we go through baby and this is YOUR year to shine.

What are your top goals for this year? Let me know xxx

Quote of the day: Don’t try to be perfect, just try your best.

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