Random ‘food for thought’ post.

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I am currently sat in my hotel bar feeling happy and proud of myself.

I am just so happy right now. The smallest things have such a huge impact and I think we need more nice people in this world!

So I’m in South Korea, Seoul. My first solo trip ever (that’s why I’m proud of myself but I’ll get back to that later).

Being three days in on a week long trip, I’m so over the room service and I’m more than content having my own company; thus me coming out to enjoy dinner on my own. I’m just blown away at how nice people are. I’ve had a meal on my own before, no big deal, usually on a lunch break in London. It usually consists of me glued to my phone whilst trying to eat in a hurry, thinking about getting back to what I was doing – never really taking the moment to relax and take it all in. This is totally different. I’m sat in the bar/restaurant and everyone is so friendly and as if I’ve met them before. I’m right by the huge window watching the lights and busy streets of Seoul. Enjoying a Rosé pasta (which is surprisingly really good, i think it’s got vodka in it) and enjoying two glasses of wine. It just feels good if you get what I mean, I had nothing to worry about.

Lol no I’m not an alcoholic…I ordered a sauvignon blanc and the friendly waiter was very polite and kind. He brought over an array of nibbles as I waited for my food and welcomed me politely. He also told me there will be a live band coming to play music in a moment (They’re already playing all my favourites so I’m looking forwards to this). Half way through my wine and pasta, he comes over super apologetic. He gave me a Chardonnay instead of Sauvignon. To be really honest, I hadn’t of noticed. He gave me a large glass of Sauvignon and couldn’t stop saying sorry! his Ora was so angelic. I can’t explain it But I can just tell he has a lovely soul. I mean this in the most non-flirty way possible. He just seems so nice and cute. Just an innocent happy person time transferring happiness to everyone he comes across.

Since being in Seoul I have got that happy vibe constantly. Especially this trip whilst I am alone. I think people can sense that I’m alone and a long way from home. I don’t speak Korean and you can just spot a tourist from a mile away. Everyone has been so respectful and helpful. Although language has been a barrier at times, I was so surprised as to how patient people were and going the extra mile just to communicate with me, when they could have easily shrugged their shoulders, said something back in Korean and ignored me. This happens far too often in London and it needs to stop. London needs to learn some manners if I do say so myself.

It has been a short, but meaningful journey. The reason I am proud is because i usually love company. I can go shopping on my own, run errands etc. But for long periods of time, I like to be with at least someone, to have a chat and giggle, and also for safety and reassurance. I’m in Korea, half way across the world, just me myself and I, with a mission to accomplish something for my business. The first day I stayed in my room, jet lagged as f*ck (London is 9 hours behind) and ordered room service. The next day I wandered literally 100 meter radius around my hotel, had a look at some skin care products and came back to my room lol. Today I went out like a big brave girl, went shopping, ate lunch out, wandered the markets and got some cool snacks for my brother to try on his YouTube channel, now I’m here having dinner and enjoying my evening about to watch some live music.

The thought of travelling solo used to daunt me. I would hear of people going for months at a time across Asia solo, staying in huge mixed dorms and sharing night trains with nine other people in a four-persons bunk. Oh no… not me. But all that has changed. I think I would actually enjoy it.

For all the over thinkers and worriers out there. It’s not as bad as you imagine it to be. It really makes you appreciate the kindness of others and opens you up to the world. Of course have precautions, always remain safe and evaluate every situation (especially as a young woman) be smart but also step out of your comfort zone. I honestly think that everyone, at one point of their lives, should take a solo trip for a couple of days and try it for themselves. Who knows, you might just love it.

Anyway just a random few words from me. I’ve now been asked to request a song for the Korean singer. So take care all, I will be writing a Korean blog and hotel review soon, so stay tuned xxx

Quote of the day: As you travel solo being totally responsible for yourself, it’s inevitable that you will discover just how capable you are ❤️

One Reply to “Random ‘food for thought’ post.”

  1. I should do a Shirley Valentine and travel solo, might find romance same as she did. Hum🤔 am I brave enough? Your so brave Tamara,your first solo trip I’m so proud of you xxx


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