So, this is not one of my usual posts, but I was sat with one of my best friends talking and somehow music came up. We were talking about current music and how we so miss soulful, meaningful music from the past. There are many talented artists out there, that unfortunately, do not get the recognition they deserve due to the media and music executives. A long story short, with a few gin and tonics, we sat on youtube and started watching some of our favourite artists. Twenty minutes in, and let me tell you, I am SO passionate about writing this blog..

One of my favourite songs is ‘Killing me softly’ by the Fugees. (I’m sure many can relate, it’s a classic) Mid convo, Maciek said, have you not seen Jessie J on ‘Singer China’? (say what?)

(background check) I have always loved Jessie J’s voice. I think she has an AMAZING voice… it touches my soul. The sad thing is, not everybody would agree. Her music is great, however her spectacular voice hides behind the music and is easily compared to other (mediocre) current artists.
IM SORRY but have you heard her voice..alone..cappella, just her and her angelic voice?

She is extremely modest and most importantly AMAZING. I mean, I put her up there with Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. YES I SAID IT….prove me wrong.

She has tonnes of amazing music videos and recordings, even before she was famous, but this following video I am sharing has touched me. Have a listen and tell me if you disagree.

In the following video she was in an international Chinese competition , agreeing to take part as it was a huge privilege.  And guess what… watch it to find out what happens!!

I love you Jessie J, you’re such a great artist and I hope others recognise your full potential much sooner than later. Your voice touches me more than an any current artist in the game right now ever could.

Watch the video from the beginning!!


(keep going)

Yes, you guessed it… She WON.

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