So today I had my first ever life coach session and I would like to share it with you guys. At first I was feeling uncomfortable, thinking I don’t need therapy. But it was honestly so beneficial. The first thing we done was some meditation followed by an assessment of where I am in life, mentally.

I have always been spiritual and believe in positive mental attitudes and the law of attraction. But today I looked deeply within myself and have put the pieces together. When I was teaching I was mindfulness trained and would teach my students mindfulness weekly. We would have a minimum of two mindful breaks daily.
I know about the importance of it, but would I focus on mindfulness for myself? No.
I know how important it is to nourish my body with good foods, but would I have a lunchbreak? No.
I know how important it is to give my body enough rest to be healthy, but would I have atleast seven hours rest a night? No.

The lady asked me how much investment would I give to my teaching job? I said 90%. She replied… ‘What if you invested that 90% into yourself?. That’s where it hit me. Stress is one of the biggest killers to us humans, yet we fail to take care of ourselves. We are always searching for things to make us happy. When I reach that goal I will be happy. When i pass that exam, when I lose this weight, when I get that payrise. But we fail to realise that true happiness comes from within. When we are happy and healthy we will attract these positive things we want. We don’t always have the answers but that is OK! The answers will come to us when we are ready. We need to listen to our mind,body and spirit and work with it. When ‘life’ happens, we need to move forward, let it go and make changes in order to be happy. We need to love ourselves! We are so busy in our careers, chasing our dreams, which is great!, but we need to cleanse our soul first. I have promised myself to meditate more often and really take care of myself. What I would like to get across to you, is that we need to be less hard on ourselves and put more energy into loving ourself and appreciating and the greatness we have achieved!

It was so nice to speak to someone about personal issues (which I rarely do) and not worry about being judged. The lady did not give me the answers, through speaking to her about certain aspects of my life I was able to realise them myself, I wont tell all that we spoke about, but one of the issues was the stress of leaving my teaching job which gave me certaintly and security, to go into the unknown. But i could not be happier with my decision.


Quote of the day: Love yourself first, and everything else will fall into place.


2 Replies to “My life coaching experience”

  1. Well done Tamara so proud of u ❤️❤️ Looking forward where this next step in a already fun filled life will take u !! Go get them beautiful and be ur amazing self xxxx

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